Plastic waste in our oceans is a growing global concern. In the Great Pacific patch, a recent study in Nature found that fishing nets account for 46% of this mass. Lost or abandoned fishing gear amounts to 640,000 metric tons of waste worldwide. In addition to polluting our oceans, this gear entraps and kills marine

Sustainable Fisheries? The Economist Asked Our Experts

Sustainable fisheries in the Indian Ocean are possible; this requires integrated management. Charting the course for ocean sustainability in the Indian Ocean Rim is an Economist Intelligence Unit report. It highlights key ocean challenges facing the Indian Ocean Rim countries and showcases initiatives undertaken by governments and the private sector to address them. The report explores how

Celebrating Vietnam Fisheries: CLS a Key Partner

  “Today, particularly in Kien Giang province, there are a lot of fishing vessels. Since the number of vessels is too high, the fishing grounds are limited and no longer productive. We fishermen have to go to offshore areas or cross into overlapping areas, so we have to face many risks. I have the CLS

Fighting IUU: The Congo Relies on CLS Fisheries

CLS Supports the Fight against Illegal Fishing:  The Congo Reactivates its Monitoring, Control and Surveillance System  The operation was launched on 22 March in Pointe-Noire by Henri Djombo, the Minister of State and Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, in the presence of local authorities and staff from his ministry. Minister Djombo reiterated that fishing

New THEMIS: Fisheries Intelligence from the World’s No. 1 FMC Provider

As part of our strategy for continuous improvement, we are releasing a new version of our THEMIS software suite. We’ve made it even more robust and user-friendly and added an electronic logbook (e-logbook)-catch analytics module. Now all the information you need is visible on one map. In March, we will start rolling out the new THEMIS for

Kineis, a unique constellation

KINÉIS, new major player in French NewSpace, launches the first European constellation of nanosatellites and democratizes access to global connectivity (IoT). With the support of CNES, CLS: Collecte Location Satellites, announces the creation of a new subsidiary, Kineis. Kineis aims to become a major player in NewSpace and allow, by 2030, several million objects to