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CLS, a sustainable fisheries technology company, recently won an open tender to be the exclusive provider of Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) services and FMC software for Albania’s commercial fisheries.

The call was issued by Albania’s Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture. Authorities wanted to follow best practices in fisheries and comply with European regulations with satellite VMS and in its Fisheries Management Center.

Through an open tender process, the Albanian Fisheries Directorate awarded CLS the contract for the interfacing, installation, and activation of the entire Albanian industrial fleet of 220 vessels. CLS provided its state-of-the-art VMS terminal TRITON, which meets the highest European and international fisheries requirements. CLS Fisheries is now the exclusive VMS provider in Albania.

CLS’ TRITON transmitters enable enhanced monitoring and alerts for all the commercial vessels required to carry a VMS unit. It will enable the Directorate of Fisheries and its partner agencies to monitor vessel movements and use position, speed, and heading data to analyze vessel behavior for enforcement and resource management. Installation on all vessels is nearly completed.

With THEMIS, a state-of-the-art Fisheries Management Platform, Albanian authorities will not only be able to monitor their industrial fishing vessels in real time, anywhere in the world, but also their entire EEZ, with automatic alerts for events and zone configuration. As part of the GFCM regional fisheries management organization for the Mediterranean, which also uses THEMIS from CLS, partner agencies can share information quickly and easily, working together to preserve and protect fisheries.