The NEMO transmitter, a VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) for the monitoring and regulatory management of small-scale and inshore fishing vessels, has seen its performance improved thanks to the launch of the first five Kinéis satellites connecting our NEMO transmitters.

We congratulate our space IoT partner Kinéis on this first successful launch.


More frequent positions for better tracking of fishing vessels

Fish-X Project Sciaena
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NEMO transmits VMS data (boat position) via the cellular network when close to the coast, and uses a satellite network when on the high seas.

Until now, NEMO has transmitted via 9 Argos satellites. With the arrival of the Kinéis constellation, carrying new-generation IoT payloads for Argos services, NEMO beacons will benefit from improved connectivity and will be able to transmit more data, faster.

With this breakthrough, NEMO transmitters will be able to offer ever more relevant services, meeting the growing needs of inshore and small-scale fishing vessels for real-time traceability and management.

Availability of the NEMO boosted, by the end of the year on the equatorial zone, and on all oceans from summer 2025

The technical teams need a few months to validate and calibrate the satellite data, and this augmented connectivity will be available by the end of the year for the first satellites launched in June and September 2024. The Kinéis constellation will be complete by the first quarter of 2025, with a NEMO system accessible in augmented mode to all fishing industry players by summer 2025.

Ultimately, fishermen will benefit from near real-time connectivity, reinforcing their monitoring, safety and compliance with the regulations in place in their country.

CLS’s commitment to artisanal fishing communities is to fish safely and compliantly, wherever they may be in the world.