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Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

Our VMS solutions

Manage fleets, comply with VMS
regulations and monitor fishing activities

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Catch Reporting (ERS)

ERS Solutions

CLS solutions to better manage catch data and
produce traceability documentation


Small-Scale Fisheries

Monitor and secure traditional fisheries

An integrated, robust solution for sustainable management

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Fisheries Monitoring Center (FMC)

Solutions for Administrations

Everything you need for Monitoring, Control
and Surveillance
from the world's leading FMC provider

Looking for high-quality fisheries management solutions?

Learn about
CLS Sustainable
Fisheries Management



Vessel Monitoring System, Electronic Catch Reporting,
Fisheries Intelligence…

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Fisheries Monitoring Center, Track Vessel & Catch Efforts,
Fight IUU Fishing, Small-Scale Fisheries…

You are a fishermen in England?

Get more info to be compliant
with MMO I-VMS for inshore fisheries with NEMO!

You are a lobster fishermen in New England?

Get more info to be compliant with ASMFC type-approved VMS for the New England lobster fishery!

You are a fishermen
in another zones?

Be connected, be protected, be empowered thanks to NEMO.
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