Fight Illegal, Undeclared
& Unregulated (IUU) Fishing

Everything we do at CLS serves to fight IUU fishing and ensure compliance
with international fisheries regulations.
We provide a complete range of Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance solutions.

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IUU Fishing Threatens


fisheries catch

Marine resources are valuable to a country’s Blue Economy. Illegal fishers steal those resources and harm the national fishing industry. Also, having access to high-value export markets, like the European Union, requires proving the catch was not illegal.


fish environment

Fishing in reserved zones, such as Marine Protected Areas, harms fragile ecosystems. Harvesting in zones for juvenile fish comprises fish stocks for the future. Bycatch threatens endangered species.



Illegal fishing vessels often harbor other illegal activities, such as smuggling drugs, weapons or money. Human rights abuses, such as slavery, even murder, may also occur. Sovreignty must be protected.

Why Choose CLS?

  • Unique Provider: the only company that provides all the technology and services needed for compliance with international fisheries regulations
  • Trusted Partner: clients in +90 countries & many RFMOs, in every ocean
  • Global Leader: in fisheries regulatory solutions for 30 years
  • Personal Support: packages tailored to your needs as you scale up in sustainable fisheries management

Challenges to Fight IUU Fishing

  • Vast oceans: illegal vessels do not stay in one EEZ but voyage all over the globe.
  • Limited resources: covering the oceans with continuous patrols, or having human observers onboard every vessel, is unrealistic.
  • Cross-checking multiple kinds of data: illegal fishers tamper with their tracking devices, change flags, and try to avoid detection. To find them, we need to compare data from several sources. But doing that manually cannot work for real-time enforcement.

Solutions to Fight IUU Fishing
at Every Stage of Sustainable Management

Track Registered Vessels


Manage Zones
(EEZ, MPA, Traditional Fishing)

manage zones

with the Themis platform

Enforcement with Monitoring Control & Surveillance


Catch Analytics & Real Time Quota Management

catch reports