Marine Ecosystem Studies


Marine Ecosystem Studies

Fisheries managers need to rely on the best available scientific advice to ensure that fish stock exploitation levels remain sustainable over the long term.

With our in-house team of fisheries and marine ecosystem scientists, CLS Fisheries is unique among technology providers. We conduct studies for RFMOs, governments, and international institutions such as the European Union that are essential for estimating fishing impacts or deciding on quota levels and restricted zones.

With this key information, the right decisions can be taken to ensure the long-term survival of marine resources, the fishing industry, and the Blue Economy.

Make the Best Decisions

  • Test multiple fishing effort scenarios to set the right quota/TAC
  • Analyze in near real-time the impact of current fishing levels on stocks
  • Test and predict the effects of climate change on fish stocks
  • Forecast fish population dynamics for the next 20 years
  • Know where juveniles and adults are located to define restricted fishing zones
  • Reduce bycatch: locate endangered species such as turtles and dolphins to define restricted fishing zones
  • Historical studies of fish populations

Our Marine Ecosystem & Fisheries Scientists

Marine Ecosystem Team
Fisheries Science Team

Our team are specialists in fisheries science, oceanography, marine biology, and modelling.

They have developed unique ways of integrating fisheries data with oceanography, climate science, and biology to provide the most useful insights for marine resource managers.

With over 100 research papers published, they are leading experts in their fields worldwide.

Some of our Marine Ecosystem Projects