NEMO, a VMS for Small-Scale Fishers

Simple, Reliable, Affordable VMS
from the global leader

NEMO is the first all-in-one system specifically designed for monitoring and protecting small-scale fisheries. NEMO offers hybrid global connectivity, using GPRS/IoT networks in coastal areas and automatically switching to satellite systems when the vessel moves outside the range of terrestrial networks.

Services range from basic delivery of data collected and processed in CLS’ data center, data integration with client’s fisheries monitoring center and access to CLS’ web platform for data visualization, alert management and customized analytics.

Fishermen solutions

Cutting edge tools to fishery managers and fishermen

Administrations solutions

Working for sustainbale fishing solutions that work not only for fish and fishermen but for everyone

Why Choose Nemo?

Better Value

More than a simple GPS tracker: an affordable, true VMS with all its proven benefits + a Big Data monitoring platform + apps for fishers

Quality You Can Trust

From the global leader in industrial VMS and FMCs

Certifications of quality & performance (EU, IP67, IEC 60945/RED)

Improved Safety

Thanks to the call for assistance button, fishermen can send alerts if they have a problem, even outside mobile phone range.

Hassle-free Device

Rugged & built to last, solar panel, simple installation, automatic reporting


  • Designed by CLS, the world leading VMS provider
  • Solar panel
  • Rugged, waterproof design (IP67)
  • Easy to use: Plug-and-Fish
  • Tamper-proof
  • Smart reporting
  • Geofencing
  • Alerts on events
  • Unique identifier



  • Global coverage
  • Automatic data collection of vessel movements
  • Continuous on-board storage for data integrity
  • Complete and accurate data
  • Adjustable settings (GPS updates, reporting frequency)
  • Zone management (geofencing)


  • GPRS/IoT & Satellite communication
  • Cost-effective sea-to-shore reporting
  • Secure encrypted messages
  • Secure Bluetooth connection
  • Apps store


  • Weather alerts
  • Request for assistance button
  • Buzzer: alerts on entry and exit of a regulated zone
  • VMS features meet fisheries control regulation