Triton Advanced Terminal

The Triton Advanced Terminal is one of the world’s leading Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS). It automatically transmits the position, speed, and heading of the vessel via the Iridium satellite system. It is robust, highly reliable and easy-to-install.

The Advanced version with the junction box can also transmit/receive catch reports, emails, weather data, etc. on demand. It can also connect to an Android tablet with Bluetooth or laptop via a USB port.


  • Tracking: 100% global coverage, real-time position reports, zone management
  • Communication: Connects to an Android tablet via Bluetooth or a laptop via USB port to send/receive emails, electronic catch reports, weather bulletins
  • Alarm: Alarms triggered for geofencing, alerts, requests for assistance
  • Access Remotely: read terminal parameters, positions, archived positions, monitor sensors, set zone parameters


  • Certified by European authorities
  • Global satellite tracking (Iridium)
  • Reliable
  • Operating status indicator
  • Alarm and system test button
  • Battery life of minimum 100h
  • Up to 180 days data memory
  • 1 year warranty