Since 2018, CLS has solidified its role as an essential partner for Irish fisheries authorities, providing advanced monitoring solutions and winning large-scale contracts.

With its Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) transponders and its recent success in securing the tender for a Fishing Monitoring Center (FMC), CLS plays a crucial role in safeguarding Ireland’s marine resources and establishing sustainable fisheries management.

A partnership since 2018

In 2018, CLS was selected by the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority to modernize and replace its fleet of Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) transponders on Irish fishing vessels over 12 meters.

The TRITON ADVANCED VMS was chosen to equip 280 vessels, ensuring comprehensive and reliable coverage of the Irish fishing fleet.


CLS is the global leader in fisheries vessel monitoring systems

We facilitate fishermen’s compliance through a robust range of transponders that ensure secure data transmission. Vessel monitoring systems are the only approved technology for monitoring fishing activities. Winning this tender allowed CLS to establish a monopoly on VMS beacons in the country, thanks to the quality and reliability of its products.

In March 2024, CLS reached a new milestone by winning the tender for the establishment of a Fishing Monitoring Center (FMC) in partnership with the Irish Defence Forces, the authority responsible for fisheries surveillance in Ireland.

The Irish Defence Forces selected the THEMIS fisheries monitoring center to track VMS positions and gather and analyze data from vessels equipped with VMS systems operating in Irish waters. This technology will allow fisheries authorities to have a comprehensive and real-time view of fishing activities in their jurisdictional area, as well as Irish vessels internationally.

THEMIS : the leader Fishing Monitoring Center

The Fishing Monitoring Center THEMIS offers a wide range of functionalities, including automatic surveillance of regulated areas, detection of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing behaviors, as well as the generation of customized reports for competent authorities.

With this platform, Irish authorities will be able to make informed and proactive decisions for the conservation of marine resources and the fight against illegal fishing.

Centre de Surveillance des Pêches de CLS

THEMIS has been shaped to meet the needs of fisheries stakeholders in integrating multiple sources of marine data (AIS, VMS, catch reports, oceanography, satellite radar, etc.) into a single platform. Beyond simply visualizing trajectories on a map, it is a powerful tool for tracking, control, and surveillance that is continuously evolving.

In addition to VMS position reports, THEMIS manages the entire database of vessels and all their information (such as identifiers, vessel name and characteristics, owner’s name, and licenses). It provides all the data needed by authorities to combat illegal fishing (IUU), manage quotas, monitor areas, and protect stocks.

International coverage

Thanks to its recognized performance and close relationship with our clients worldwide, THEMIS is the leading global fisheries monitoring platform, covering the majority of oceans. Data sharing among authorities, states, and RFMOs (Regional Fisheries Management Organizations) is easier than ever, enabling more effective regulatory enforcement.

CLS has established itself as a trusted partner for Irish fisheries authorities by providing reliable, robust, and innovative surveillance solutions, such as VMS beacons and the THEMIS Fishing Monitoring Center.

These initiatives demonstrate CLS’s commitment to supporting the sustainability of fishing activities in Ireland while strengthening the protection of marine ecosystems and combating harmful fishing practices.