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On the occasion of World Fisheries Day, CLS is pleased to announce that the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) has chosen a CLS solution to evaluate the functionalities of a regional Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) integrating industrial and artisanal fleets.

Since last June, CLS has been providing the GFCM with its THEMIS software solution to manage the fleet of fishing vessels operating in Mediterranean and Black sea waters. This center, which has a regional vocation, is gradually enriched with new functionalities thanks to a collaboration between GFCM and CLS technical teams.

The objective today is to be able to offer a modern and adapted solution for both the management of the industrial fishing fleet and the artisanal fishing fleets. The management of artisanal fishing is indeed at the heart of the GFCM’s strategy for the years to come. Created in 1949 and bringing together 23 member countries, the GFCM plays an active role in the conservation of fish stocks in the international waters of the Mediterranean and Black Seas.