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THEMIS is a comprehensive fisheries management software suite for administrations and fleet managers. In addition to VMS tracks, Themis manages the entire database of ships and all their information (such as identifiers, vessel name and characteristics, owner name, and licenses). It provides everything you need for combatting illegal fishing (IUU), monitoring fishing efforts and zones, and protecting stocks.


Instead of simply showing vessel monitoring tracks, THEMIS integrates all the information you need on one map. For example, clicking on a ship links to its catch reports, so you can easily compare the logbook details with the vessel’s tracks and time spent fishing. Better analysis, better decision-making, made easy.


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Why Choose THEMIS from CLS? 

  • Fully secured and encrypted
  • Complete range of solutions
  • Multi-source data
  • Scalable solutions
  • Trusted partner with over 25 years of fisheries management expertise: we support you throughout the process and for years to come.

Customize THEMIS to Meet your Specific Needs – Optional Modules

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Catch Analytics

E-logbooks for fishermen and catch analytics for administrations
(statistics by vessel, fleet, zone, fish type, quota management)

IUU Fishing detection

IUU Vessel Detection

Fight illegal fishing:
detect ships with satellite radar and
correlate with VMS tracks.



Oceanographic satellite data
(sea level anomalies, sea surface temperature, sea color and salinity, currents, air pressure and wind)


AIS/Sat-AIS Data

Integrate satellite AIS data + terrestrial AIS tracks