How does the terminal work?

The NEMO works in the same way as a mobile phone, with an internal sim card. The position retrieved from the GPS on the device is sent through GPRS in the same way that mobile phone data would be sent.

When do I need to have the terminal installed?

SEFHIER regulations require units to be installed and activated by March 1, 2022. Additional information can be found here.

When will I receive my terminal?

Units are shipped from our Maryland office “first come first served” as they are ordered. Expedited shipping is available.

How do I buy more than one terminal?

Please complete a separate order form for each additional terminal you would like to purchase.

How is it installed? Can I fit it myself?

NFMS requires a permanent installation by a trained marine electronics installer.

How do I charge my terminal?

You will charge your NEMO with the included USB cable. Via the LEDs on the top of the device, your NEMO will display when the battery is low and needs to be recharged. You will also receive an alert via email.

How long will the NEMO report on the battery alone?

The NEMO will report for many weeks or months on solar/battery power depending on solar conditions. There is an LED display on the NEMO to show the battery power (>30%=green, 20-30%= amber, <20%=red).

How much mobile data does it use and how much does it cost?

The NEMO airtime plans include unlimited data use and cost $249 or $349 per year. The base $249 plan includes cellular reporting. The $349 plan includes a global satellite assistance function for redundancy when outside of cellular range.

How do I know if the terminal is working properly?

There is an LED on the terminal which displays the signal status and indicates if the NEMO is operational. You will also be able to see your data in real-time in the ThoriumWeb  software.

What do I do if there is no signal?

The NEMO will store the position reports and transmit them when it is back in signal range. This is a requirement of the SEFHIER regulations.

What happens if the terminal stops working?

There is a 24 hour support line (240-492-1944, for any trouble shooting issues. NOAA and NFMS Southeast are currently working on the process for fishers in the event of a non-functioning device.

How do I see my data?

You will be sent log in details to a web based user interface which displays vessel positions, weather and oceanographic information, mapping tools, vessel history and device management.

Can anyone else see my data?

The position reports will be sent to NMFS. Only those with your specific log in details can see your vessel data.

What happens if I have an emergency?

If equipped in the airtime plan and configured, the NEMO has a satellite assistance button which, when pressed, will send an alert to prespecified email addresses.