NAOS, for fishing gear tracking

NAOS is a simple and compact Argos-GNSS satellite buoy designed for tracking and re-locating fishing gear such as lines, nets, pots, traps and anchored and drifting FADs.

It has been developed to support environmental and fisheries resource management, with the hope of initiating recycling practices within circular economies.

The unit brings global connectivity with flexible reporting rates of up to 96 positions/day via the Argos/Kineis satellite constellations. ​

NAOS is already tested and deployed in several oceans.

At-sea testing of protoypes

At-sea testing of protoypes and rollout in several countries
for various ALDFG initiatives:

  • Pacific region: with ISSF partner
  • French Guiana: with our partner CEDRE Guyane
  • Vanuatu: anchored FAD tracking/monitoring program in collaboration with GGGIAustralia: tracking and retrieval of discarded ‘ghost’ nets
  • Mediterranean sea: beacons deployed in Toulon