Marlin Pro

MARLIN PRO is CLS’ e-logbook software (or Electronic Reporting System ERS) for certain coastal states’ fishing regulations. It is freely downloadable on the Google PlayStore and connects your Android device to the Iridium global satellite network via your CLS VMS transponder. Easy-to-use forms make compliance easy and free up time, so you can concentrate on your business.

MARLIN PRO also includes services such as email capabilities and weather reports.

Key features

  • E-logbook: Electronic logbooks, or e-logbooks make compliance easy. No more paper logbooks, napkins, or envelopes. Quickly and easily input the information you need and MARLIN PRO does the rest.
  • Email: Fish markets work all the time and so you need your email to work all the time. Just because you are outside cell phone range doesn’t mean you don’t need to be in touch with the market, the office, or home. MARLIN PRO allows you to keep in touch and is fast, cost-effective, secure and reliable.
  • Weather: You need accurate and reliable weather data while you’re out, including alerts in case dangerous weather conditions develop. The software delivers weather data and typhoon alerts.


  • Optimize fishing operations
  • Improve safety
  • Weather alerts
  • Stay connected at sea
  • Send email to shore
  • Comply with ERS regulations: e-logbook (multiple specific forms for coastal states)
  • Cost effective messaging
  • Confidentiality guaranteed