On Shore software

FISH Web is a web portal that permits a secured access to multiple sources of information regarding fishing activities. It is dedicated to fishermen and ship-owners, in order to help them to optimize their operations (e-mails, oceanic data and sensors).

It is also a unique tool for fleet management thanks to various sources of data (e-logbooks, alerts and alarms).

A customer-oriented approach

  • A free version of the FISH Web is systematically proposed to our customers + Additional enhanced versions are proposed to professionals who would like to enjoy all the high-resolution data (weather forecasts, catch reports) and data access for a more efficient management of their fleet.
  • 24/7 operations center, system is available day and night.
  •  Availability of the system is guaranteed by CLS at 95%.


  • Responsive design approach
  • Security of the data ensured by HTTPS protocol
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Communication with vessels from the web interface
  • Manage catch report

A dedicated tool for fishermen

A free version of the FISH Web is systematically proposed to our customers. It gives them access to the complete tracking and messaging features, through a secured access code.

Fishermen solutions

Cutting edge tools to fishery managers and fishermen

Administrations solutions

Working for sustainbale fishing solutions that work not only for fish and fishermen but for everyone