On Shore software

FISH Web is a web portal that provides secured access to multiple sources of information regarding fishing activities. It helps fishermen and ship-owners optimize their operations (e-mails, oceanic data, etc.).

It is also a unique tool for fleet management thanks to various sources of data (e-logbooks, alerts and alarms).

A customer-oriented approach

  • A basic version of FISH Web is systematically proposed to our customers + Additional enhanced versions are available for professionals who would like to enjoy all the high-resolution data (weather forecasts, catch reports) and data access for a more efficient management of their fleet.
  • 24/7 operations center, system is available day and night.
  •  Availability of the system is guaranteed by CLS at 95%.


  • Responsive design
  • Data security guaranteed
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Communicate with vessels via the web interface
  • Manage catch reports

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