CLS View

On Shore software

CLS View is an Android application to display any mobile tracking data provided by CLS. It is compatible with all applications developed by CLS.

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This very user-friendly application will guarantee a quick access from anywhere with Internet connection to your tracking data. It proposes some basic but useful tracking functions with a choice of backgrounds (C-Map, Mapquest, OpenStreetMap…)

Free download
when your purchase a VMS terminal


  • Position display can be done according to several criteria
  • Simultaneous display for Argos, Iridium and THEMIS Web is available (up to 100 mobiles or 2,500 positions). Positions are regularly purged to keep the database light with a fast display.
  • The user can configure the parameters according to its preferences (date and position format, labels, tracking style, etc).
  • View detailed info about positions by clicking on them (date, lat/long, speed and heading). The user can then navigate on the positions thanks to the same tool
  • Measure distance and calculate an ETA
  • Map backgrounds must be downloaded with WIFI connection but are viewable when in airplane mode or connected via other networks.


  • Easy to use
  • Access to your tracking data
  • Position display can be done according to several criteria
  • Position purged to keep light database & fact display
  • Detailed information about positions