¿Cómo proteger los recursos marinos?

Marine resources are threatened by climate change, over fishing and illegal fishing. How can we work together to preserve our fish stocks and our way of life for tomorrow?

We are in the process of depleting our marine resources due to overfishing and illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing and human activity that leads to the degradation of the marine environment (pollution, global warming).

Today, scientists have found that stocks of certain species such as bigeye tuna in the Pacific have been reduced to less than 20% of their original biomass as a result of fishing pressure. This pressure, added to the effects of global warming, might lead to stock collapse. Given this context, it is no more than ever important to implement a managed fishery program.

CLS works hand-in-hand with fishermen and authorities to implement technology that allows a better sustainable management of marine resources. From Vessel  Monitoring System (VMS)  to Electronic catch reporting (ERS) and Fisheries Monitoring Centers, CLS has a range of solutions to better monitor and control fishing activities to preserve our stocks for tomorrow and applies those solutions to small scale fisheries.