The NEMO System

The NEMO System:
The All-in-One Solution for Monitoring and Securing Small-Scale Fisheries

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“I want to be able to have one year without a fishing accident.”

ABDOULAYE SECK, Local Council for Artisanal Fishing in Dakar, Senegal

Knowledge is Power.

Small-scale fisheries are critical to coastal economies and food security. In addition, they account for more than half of all fish caught globally and employ the majority of fisheries workers. As a result, artisanal fisheries are now a major international priority. The FAO’s Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines seek to protect these communities and their livelihoods.

Yet today, SSF vessels are not tracked, risking fishermen’s lives as they search for fish farther from the coast. To solve this problem, CLS has created the NEMO beacon: a hybrid, satellite/mobile tracker with global connectivity, so fishermen are never out of reach.

But a beacon alone or simple GPS is not enough—we also need to map traditional fishing grounds with better accuracy. The challenge is huge: there are tens of thousands of SSF vessels, so real-time monitoring will produce massive amounts of data. To make sure that information is manageable and reliable, CLS has developed a unique SSF Fisheries Monitoring Center using Big Data analytics.

The NEMO system has been specifically designed to help you manage small-scale fishing and encourage support from fishing communities. Together, we can work to protect your traditional industry and marine resources for the future.

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The Vital Role of Small-Scale Fisheries

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60% of Global Fish Caught for Food

icon fishermen

50M Fishermen

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+80% of the World’s Fishing Vessels

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5.8M SSF Fishermen earn less than $1/day

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The NEMO System:

An integrated, robust, low-cost system for sustainable fisheries management

Nemo scheme
icon monitoring center

Robust Fisheries Monitoring Center

Track Tens of thousands of Vessels Accurately and Securely

Data Processing and Analysis

Big Data Analytics

icon Beacon

Hybrid Mobile / Satellite Beacon


Mobile Network in Costal Waters

Satellite Coverage Outside Zone

Global Coverage at a Low Cost

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Mobile Apps: Fishermen, Inspectors, Installers

Easy to Use

Weather Alerts

Simplified Catch Reports

Interactive Tools