MARGE V3 Terminal

The MARGE V3 Argos-GNSS terminal is an affordable fishing vessel monitoring system (VMS). It automatically transmits the position, speed, and heading of the fishing vessel to the Argos satellite system.

The MARGE V3 transponder is robust, highly reliable and is easy to install: it can be installed by the crew after the ship has left port.

marge v3 vms


  • Tracking: global coverage, position, speed and heading information are provided at least once an hour, unique anti-spoofing capabilities thanks to the dual location (GNSS & Doppler) of the Argos system
  • Communication: All communications via the polar-orbiting Argos constellation
  • Alarm: Assistance button, buzzer is activated when the main power supply is off, an alarm is sent if the dome is opened


  • Full global coverage (from north to south pole)
  • GNSS fix interval can be programmed (every 15, 30 or 60 minutes)
  • Anti-spoofing capabilities (GNSS & Doppler) Assistance button
  • Low power consumption