Halios is a complete range of products & services to help fishing professionals manage their fleets and monitor on-board catch. In addition, Halios is a key tool for complying with the most stringent Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) and Electronic Reporting System (ERS) requirements.

  • All-in-one tool: comply with VMS and ERS regulations, verify your vessels are respecting good fishing practices, manage your fleet, receive catch data, share crucial information for business decision, enhance crew’s security, receive weather forecasts…
  • An ocean of possibilities: position reporting, real time transmissions, e-logbook, global communication, geo-fencing, polling…
  • Think Halios: budget management, flexible communication package, fisherman-friendly tools, easy to install…


  • All-in-one tool
  • Comply with VMS & ERS regulation
  • Position reporting & real time transmission
  • Manage your fleet
  • Catch data & fishing reports
  • Help with business decision
  • Enhance crew’s security
  • Weather forecast & alerts

IRIDIUM data collection system

Iridium satellite system expertise for science mobile applications and value added services for weather and ocean platforms processing by CLS.

Fishermen solutions

Cutting edge tools to fishery managers and fishermen

Administrations solutions

Working for sustainbale fishing solutions that work not only for fish and fishermen but for everyone